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I've recently been reading a bunch of software engineering books in an attempt to improve my skills. This is no mean feat, as I'm already the best programmer in my company. Code Complete is absolutely the best book I've ever seen on the subject. It is a must read for everyone who wants to program. I would make it required reading for all students and computer professionals. It's very readable, and if you follow it's advice it will change your life.






Artificial Intelligence in Games Steven M. Woodcock has put together a very extensive page concerning many aspects of Artificial intelligence in Games. If you want to learn about AI, be sure to check out the references on this page. [Jun 04, 1997]
Artificial Intelligence Resources This is one of the most complete AI site on the web. It includes almost everything you can think of that has to do with AI. From AI FAQ, AI companies, list of current AI projects, AI subject index, and even an AI search engine. If you are looking for anything about AI, make sure you make you search in the AI Resource site. [Jun 30, 1997]
BSP FAQ An excelent page if you want to learn more about the basic BSP tree and its uses. Some information is missing though, like leafy bsp trees. And also not much on PVS trees. [Jul 03, 1997]
Design Patterns This book is a great source of object oriented design experience from some of the world's leading software designers. Recurring themes and solutions are discussed, distilled, and presented in a catalog form for easy lookup. While highly language independent, a thorough understanding of object oriented terms and concepts is a must for this book to be useful. [Jun 28, 1997]
[Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides, ISBN 0-201-63361-2, Addison-Wesley]
PC Game Programmer's Encyclopedia The PCGPE is a great resource for finding information on Graphics & Sound Programming, Assembly Programming, Input Devices and more. Despite that some of the information in the PCGPE is a bit outdated and it only covers DOS development, this is an excellent free resource for beginner and intermediate game developers. [Jun 28, 1997]
Amit's Game Programmer Information Amit J. Patel has put together a nice web site with links to a lot of game programming resources covering different topics. The site focuses on Shortest Path Algorithms, Tile Based games, AI and Object-Oriented programming which makes it a bit more interesting than your average game development page. [Jun 28, 1997]
Coders Magazine This page contains the Coders magazine which covers up some distinctly different parts of demo coding. Some articles are very good and some are crap, but the overall quality makes it worth a look. [Jun 09, 1997]


Link Description
Clean Up: C++ Garbage Collection An article in Byte about how to do effective memory management in C++. FAQ Sunir Shah's faq on AI in games.
Compression FAQ An FAQ on compression.
Data Compression and Encryption Algorithms Information on Splay Trees, Data Compression and Encryption algorithms.
Genetic Algorithms for Fractal Image and Image Sequence "In this paper we present a method that uses Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to find a Local Iterated Function System (LIFS) that encodes a single image. By doing this, the time needed to achieve this LIFS is reduced by about compared with Barnsley's method if similar image quality is desired. If less quality is acceptable, using a GA we can vary the time the encoding will take by changing parameters such as population size and number of generations allowed."
GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression A lot of information about GSM speech compression. A lot of links to other related sites.
Memory Management in C++ An extensive article discussing memory management in C++.
MPEG-2 FAQ A FAQ on the MPEG video and audio compression standard.
Sorting Algorithms Contains demos and code snippets (in Java) of some 17 sorting algorithms. Great!
Sorting and Searching Algorithms: A Cookbook "This booklet contains a collection of sorting and searching algorithms. While many books on data structures describe sorting and searching algorithms, most assume a background in calculus and probability theory. Although a formal presentation and proof of asymptotic behavior is important, a more intuitive explanation is often possible."
The Genetic Algorithms Group The home page of the Genetic Algorithms group at George Mason University.
The Genetic Programming Notebook A site with loads of information on Genetic Programming and other AI related topics.

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