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I've recently been reading a bunch of software engineering books in an attempt to improve my skills. This is no mean feat, as I'm already the best programmer in my company. Code Complete is absolutely the best book I've ever seen on the subject. It is a must read for everyone who wants to program. I would make it required reading for all students and computer professionals. It's very readable, and if you follow it's advice it will change your life.




C/C++ Users Group (CUG)

Name: C/C++ Users Group


Description:  The C/C++ Users Group (CUG), formed in 1981, is dedicated to the low-cost distribution of shareware and freeware C/C++ source code. The CUG software library contains over 450 cataloged volumes of C/C++ source code covering a huge range of programming areas such as a partial differential equation solver (vol. #446), persistent storage for structured C++ objects (vol. #453), or the JPEG Library from the Independent JPEG Group (vol. #381). CUG focuses heavily on cross-platform compatibility with Windows, UNIX, MS-DOS, and other platforms.


If you know of any other usergroups please email me with the name and website address.

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