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I've recently been reading a bunch of software engineering books in an attempt to improve my skills. This is no mean feat, as I'm already the best programmer in my company. Code Complete is absolutely the best book I've ever seen on the subject. It is a must read for everyone who wants to program. I would make it required reading for all students and computer professionals. It's very readable, and if you follow it's advice it will change your life.




Resource Rating
CDX - DirectX Wrapper This site contains a wrapper that gets rid of the stupid DirectX API and gives you a easy to use, and fun to work with interface. For all you guys, working with DirectX check this out, even if you already developed your own wrapper! Jul 11, 1997]
Microsoft's DirectX Page The official DirectX site from Microsoft. This is THE place to find the latest development news, drivers and technical specifications as well as *loads* of articles, examples and links to other resources. Be sure to bookmark this site! Jun 13, 1997]
PC Game Programmer's Encyclopedia The PCGPE is a great resource for finding information on Graphics & Sound Programming, Assembly Programming, Input Devices and more. Despite that some of the information in the PCGPE is a bit outdated and it only covers DOS development, this is an excellent free resource for beginner and intermediate game developers. [Jun 28, 1997]
Synthetic Audio Library API (1.03) The Synthetic Audio Library API (SEAL API) is a 32-bit multichannel audio system for DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT and Linux operating systems. It supports a wide range of sound cards, such as SB, SBPro, SB16, AWE32, PAS, PAS16, GUS, GUSDB, GUSMAX, IW etc. The library is shareware and the registered version includes full source code. [Jun 29, 1997]
Walnut Creek's Demo/Code archive This FTP archive is *huge*. Loads of source code covering 2D/3D effects, demos sources, audio converters & players, input devices, compilers etc. Examples in Pascal/Asm and C/C++. [Aug 15, 1997]
What's the Deal With 3D Sound This site contains a description about DirectSound3D. It turns to people already familiar with DirectSound and explains how to change to DirectSound3D and the problems behind the change. [Jul 01, 1997]


Link Description
Microsoft's DirectX Developer Downloads DirectX developer downloads are available for download on this page.


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