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I've recently been reading a bunch of software engineering books in an attempt to improve my skills. This is no mean feat, as I'm already the best programmer in my company. Code Complete is absolutely the best book I've ever seen on the subject. It is a must read for everyone who wants to program. I would make it required reading for all students and computer professionals. It's very readable, and if you follow it's advice it will change your life.




    Starting a new programing language isn't always that easy.  C++ is the programming language used by most professional programmers today.  Although it is not nescessary, when aproaching C++, it is suggested that you have some previous programming experience (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc...). When I started programming in C++ I had the background of two programming languages(Visual Basic or Delphi).  All the features that were in C++ were just logical and made programming a lot simpler.

    Whenever I want to learn anything about computers that is quite complex I find that I must use a physical book.  Searching on the internet and getting the information that will teach you all the basic materials is quite dificult (however there are a few online courses listed below).  You probably  need a good C++ book that explains all of the basics.  When I started C++ I got the book C++ Primer Plus. This was an amazing book and covered a lot of ground. It helped me advance very quickly.  It also came with a CD that had a version of Code Warrior Lite.  Although limited this version allows you to do all of the practice questions that were in the book.

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