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I've recently been reading a bunch of software engineering books in an attempt to improve my skills. This is no mean feat, as I'm already the best programmer in my company. Code Complete is absolutely the best book I've ever seen on the subject. It is a must read for everyone who wants to program. I would make it required reading for all students and computer professionals. It's very readable, and if you follow it's advice it will change your life.




The Following Pages give several tutorials on the said topics.   From Sorting to the MFC to using the IDE of different compilers we have quite a variety of tutorials.  We are just starting to compile our list and more will be added as time passes.  If you know of any good tutorials please notify me.


C++ Tutorials

Understanding C++ an Accelerated Introduction These tutorials help you to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts driving C++ in a quick and painless way.
An Introduction to Class Hierarchies One of the best ways for beginners to learn about C++ is to examine and use existing class hierarchies.  In this way you can begin to understand the advantages of inheritance and polymorphism, and you can also gain access to a number of valuable design techniques.
Glossary of Programming Terms A limited list of Programming Terms.
Operator Precedence Table A list of C++ operator precedence.
C++ Data Types A list of C++ Data Types
C++ Language Tutorial An extensive C++ tutorial that explains the basics of C++.


C++ Sorting Tutorials


Sorting and Searching Algorithems: A Cookbook

Some short sorting tutorials that get the basic point accros


MFC and Win32 (Visual C++)
Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++ v6.x The goal of this series is to help you to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts that make MFC programs work under Visual C++. It will significantly improve your abilty to understand code written by other MFC programmers if you are new to MFC. (Also available for v5.x,v4.x,v2.x and v1.5)
Understanding the AppWizard and ClassWizard in Visual C++ v6.x These tutorials use straightforward and simple examples and explanations to help you to understand how to use the AppWizard and ClassWizard. You will learn about the document/view paradigm and see how to design your applications so that they fit properly into the framework generated by the AppWizard. You will have a much clearer understanding of how to create your own applications in Visual C++ once you have completed these tutorials. (Also available for v5.x,v4.x and v2.x)
Using Windows 95 Common Controls: A quick introduction to the basics of the spin, list and tree controls in Windows 95 under VC++ version 4.x
Ease the Wait with the Progress Common Control This one page tutorial shows how to use the Progress Common Control to help ease the wait during long tasks.
Win32 Concepts and Features This series contains a set of articles that describe several of the interesting features in the Win32 API. These features let you build high-end 32-bit applications in Windows NT and Windows 95.
Building Database Applications with the CRecordset Class This series shows you how to use the CRecordset class to build robust database applications using MFC and Visual C++.
Developing ISAPI Extensions in MFC
This series explains how to develop ISAPI extensions for the Microsoft Information Server using MFC. You use ISAPI extensions to replace CGI scripts and gain signifcant performance improvements on your server.
UNICODE Conversions in Visual C++
This tutorial shows how to use UNICODE in VC++ applications to handle international character sets.
Report Generation with Crystal Reports This exercise will show you how to easily add a report generation facility to your Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) database applications using Crystal Reports.
Creating Wizards in MFC Applications This one page tutorial shows how to use the CPropertySheet class to add wizards to MFC applications.


Open GL and other Graphical Tutorials

Using OpenGL in Visual C++ Version 4.x

If you are interested in creating quality 2-D or 3-D graphics in Windows NT or Windows 95, or if you already know another variant of GL, this tutorial will show you how to use OpenGL and many of its basic commands.
OpenGL Overview An overview of OpenGL
Advanced Lighting Techniques Advanced Lighting Techniques
Advanced Texture Mapping Techniques Advanced Texture Mapping Techniques
OpenGL 1.2 Features A list of OpenGL 1.2 features
Performance Techniques Various Open-Gl performance enhancing techniques
Personal OpenGL Tutor (P.O.T.) An extensive list of many openGL topics, the tutorials include pictures so that you get an idea of what you are learning.
OpenGL tutor: AMAZING An amazing group of OpenGL tutorials, the various topics covered excelently, with graphical representation of concepts.
Basic OpenGL Tutorial All code is compiled on SunOS
OpenGL: from the EXTensions to the Solutions: AMAZING A very through resource, tons of information.
Brian Paul's Using OpenGL Extensions How to use various extensions to OpenGL
Dr. Jim Chen's slides on Advanced Techniques in OpenGL: blending, antialiasing, fog, bitmaps, fonts, images, texture mapping, and the framebuffer
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